Hiroshi Kojima

Telephone: +81-3-6260-7155

Email: hiroshi.kojima@sparkle.legal

Mr. Hiroshi Kojima had served as a judge at the District Court and the High Court in almost all of his career over 38 years. Mr. Kojima was in charge of civil trials in general, specializing in medical and traffic accident damages, real estate and money-related litigation, administrative and tax-related litigation, as well as bankruptcy cases. In addition, after his retirement from the Osaka High Court, he had prestigiously served as a notary public for 7 years. He has drafted notary documents for wills, trusts, voluntary guardianship, sales and purchases, compensation for damages, etc. He has extensive experience in a wide variety of civil litigations and disputes and will enhance Sparkle Legal’s dispute resolution services for clients.


Japan Bengoshi (2021)

小島 浩


Kanazawa University (LL.B.)



2014Kanda Notary Public Office

2010Division-head Judge of the Osaka High Court

2008Chief Justice of the Matsuyama District Court

2005Division-head Judge of the Saitama District Court

2001Division-head Judge of the Tokyo District Court

2000Judge of the Tokyo High Court

1996Judge of the Urawa District court and the Urawa Family Court

1992Judge of the Sendai High Court

1989Judge of the Tokyo District Court

1986Public Prosecutor of the Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau

1983Assistant Judge of the Osaka District Court

1980Assistant Judge of the Nagoya District Court and the Nagano Family Court

1979Assistant Judge of the Okayama District Court and the Okayama Family Court

1976Assistant Judge of the Okayama District Court